Option data details

Option data details
  1. option1

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    Work · Deliverables: Get data on the number of signals after FISH analysis. Representative mitotic figures, as well as a table summarizing the number of signals of mitotic 20 cells and interphase 100 cells will be delivered. It is recommended for those who want to grasp only the situation of signals simply (see Fig. 1 below).
    Information obtained:

    • Presence of signal
    • Number of signals
  2. option2


    Additional price: Inquiries
    Work · Deliverables: Create a Kariogram image with chromosomes placed on the base according to chromosome number. In addition to the total chromosomal status, information on the number of the chromosome where the signal was confirmed can be obtained (right panel).
    Information obtained:

    • Status of all chromosomes
    • Number of the chromosome where the signal was seen
  3. help_1

    High-precision mapping (set of the clograms)

    Additional price: Inquiries
    Work · Deliverables: Chromosomes have position notation decided by using the dyeing pattern obtained with DAPI etc. as an indicator.
    Based on this we identify the position of the signal (right figure). Karyogram is necessary for high precision mapping implementation.
    Information obtained:

    • Signal position
  4. Chromosome number distribution

    Additional price: Inquiries
    Work · Deliverables: Count the number of chromosomes in 20 cells and present the results in a table and a bar chart.Also calculate the doubling rate in 50 cells (the proportion of cells containing 4 n when the main polyploid is 2 n).
    Information obtained

    • Number of chromosomes
    • Doubling rate