【Guide of quick karyotype analysis service :Quick Q-band】

【Guide of quick karyotype analysis service :Quick Q-band】

To such a personQuick Q-band

Rapid karyotype analysis service to know karyotype of human iPS cells in one week


By sending cultured human iPS cells fixed with Carnoa,
We have achieved rapid analysis that has never been before.

quickq-band2Determination of karyotype of human iPS cells by Q-band analysis

Normal G-band analysis

  • Carnoy fixed sample: 3 weeks ~
  • Cultured living cells:4 ~ 5 weeks ~
  • Frozen vials:7 weeks ~

By applying forAQuick Q-band

With the same accuracy as G-band analysis
Delivery date Justone week(5 business days)
1 sample ¥ 100,000(Tax excluded)

We recommend using Carnoy fixed set Qromo-Fix developed by our company.
A complete set of sending letters are also included and free monitors are being recruited. (Some reagents are available.)

  • It is a service to perform chromosome count of 20 cells and karyot typing of 8 cells by Q-band analysis.
  • Only Carnoa fixed samples of human iPS cells are targeted.
  • We will notify you whether analysis is possible within 2 business days from receipt date. If analysis is possible, we will report the results by e-mail within 5 business days. The original of the report and the delivery of the data by CD-R will be mailed several days later.
  • Arrival in the afternoon will be treated as arrival the next day.
  • Analysis may be difficult when the amount or elongation of chromosome is insufficient. In that case we will only deliver the data that we were able to obtain. If no chromosomes are observed at all, please resend the sample.
  • There is an upper limit on the number of counterparts available, so be sure to contact us in advance. We can not respond if we do not receive advance notice. Please note.

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