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※Human ES cells are accepted only for fixed samples


(Immortalized cells:


5.Provide information on genetically modified organisms based on the Cartagena method at the time of sample delivery to our companyRequired
6.Virus infection historyRequired

※If "Yes" or "Unknown" is selected, you will need to submit a virus removal certificate in advance.

7.The number of samplesRequired sample
8.Transportation statusRequired


Room-temperature transport only box rental hope

Here are notes on transportation method
9.About probe DNA(8. and 9. are only when FISH analysis is selected in 1.)
The region to be hybridizedkbp
(※Please describe as much as possible.If it is less than 4 kbp, the signal intensity may be weak and analysis may be difficult.Please note.)
10.Option data (Multiple)※Representative split images will be delivered as basic data.

Details of options are here
11.Culture conditions(Medium, passage method, growth rate, others)Please fill in if you offer cells.
12.Other Requests, Remarks

1. This analysis service is limited to research use. Please note that it can not be used for diagnosis of clinical samples.
2. In cases of specimens derived from patients, approval by the ethics committee of your organization may be necessary.
3. When providing tissue specimen formalin fixation, Carnoy fixed specimen, chromosome specimen, depending on the preparation state of the sample
We may not be able to accommodate your request.
4. We do not do long-term keeping of specimens sent and analyzed specimens.
5. Recombinant DNA experiment Containment level not accepted above P3.