Construction of protein-producing cell lines


Construction of high protein-producing cell lines

Our construction service of protein-expressing cell lines with artificial chromosome vector has various advantages not found in the other expression systems. In this service, the target gene is transfected into artificial chromosome vectors, then microcells are prepared and transferred into your desired host cell strain to prepare a high protein producing cell line.

1. Features of protein production system with artificial chromosome vectors

  • Stable expression after long-term culture
  • Difference in the expression level among clones is small.
  • The expression level can be increased by making multiple copies.
  • Multiple genes can be expressed at the same time by controlling their expression levels.
  • Various cell types other than CHO cells can be used for expression.
    (Multiple cell types can be acceptable.)

Figure 1. Construction of protein-expressing cell line


2. Application

A protein expression system with artificial chromosome vector can be used for various applications as below.

  • Membrane protein expression
  • Expression of complex protein
  • Expression of humanized modified protein
  • Protein-protein interaction analysis system
  • Preparation of protein for structural analysis

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