Chromosome Analysis

Chromosome Analysis and mFISH/FISH analysis will be handled by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. from January 10, 2023.

Chromosome analysis

We perform simplified karyotype analysis (Q-band), G-band analysis, gene mapping on the chromosome, and chromosome abnormality analysis by multicolor FISH.
At the shortest, we can perform an analysis in two weeks, and high evaluations are received from researchers in pharmaceutical companies and research institutes that conduct research on regenerative medicine and basic research.


    • Basic service
      • Simplified karyotype analysis=Q-band analysis (Quinacrine/Hoechst stain)
      • G-band analysis (Giemsa stain)
      • FISH
      • High precision mapping
      • Multicolor FISH for human, mouse, rat and Chinese hamster cells

We also welcome your inquires on other species and fixed samples. Please feel free to contact us on the inquiry form. At the shortest, we can perform analysis in two weeks.

    • Deliverables

Micrograph and analysis data

    • Delivery date
Service Contents Sample Delivery date
Simplified karyotype analysis Analysis with Q-band in human or mouse Sample fixed in Carnoy’s solution
Cultured cells
2 weeks ~
G-band analysis Analysis with G-band in human or mouse Sample fixed in Carnoy’s solution
Cultured cells
3 weeks ~
High precision mapping Identification of gene position on chromosome Cultured cells 4 weeks ~
Multicolor FISH Analysis of chromosomal abnormality with multicolor FISH Cultured cells 3 weeks ~

Analysis example


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