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Our leading-edge cell production technology creates the future of health and medical development.

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  • Artificial Chromosome Vector

    Artificial chromosome vector is our fundamental technology.

    Construction of Stable gene expressing cell lines, such as construction of a transgenic animal prepared and protein high producing cells, are expected to be used in a variety of applications.

  • Chromosome Analysis

    Using a variety of chromosome analysis technology, simple karyotype analysis (Q-band) and the G-band analysis, gene mapping on the chromosome, we do chromosomal abnormality analysis by multi-color FISH.

  • Creation of Custom Cell Lines

    Artificial chromosome vector is has various features not in an existing expression systems. In our company, we do construction services of stable gene expression cell lines that take advantage of these features.

  • Construction of protein-producing cell lines

    As we will see below, there are various advantages that other expression systems do not have, as outlined below, protein expression cell line production service by artificial chromosome vector.

  • Monoclonality Analysis

    Gene transfer site specific services of CHO cells. A combination of the multi-color FISH and mappingFISH, we will identify the site of introduction of the target gene of chromosome structure and antibody or the like of CHO cells.

  • MAB

    The establishment of a Technology Research Association for implementing the next generation of drug creation infrastructure technology development projects for personalized medicine of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, "the next generation biopharmaceutical manufacturing technology Research Association" has been approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry .